Wandering Autumn

Exploring change and the life that comes with it

Forever Here

September 4, 2015 

It seems that no matter how much I may try to escape it, the lure of blogging calls out to me again and again. Though I often get bogged down in logistical details, I still manage to pop up yet another blog in yet another place, like grass. None of them seem to stick—because of friction, because of time, because of apathy. I don’t know if this one will stick around, either, though I’m more confident than I was in the past. But we all know the one thing that does not change is change itself.

Eternally, I Wander Autumn, and occasionally share my thoughts and observations as I do so. This is the new home for it. And thus, with a few clicks of the mouse and keyboard, another blog appears, adding its author’s thoughts to the cacaphony of the Internet.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

❦     ❦     ❦